Qualities of a Good Project Manager

Project Manager

A successful project manager is one who executes the project in scheduled time, economic cost, with the desired quality standard and most importantly has good communication skills. In this journal entry, we will be talking about some of the best qualities of a good project manager.

To be a successful Project Manager you should get your basics right and a proper use of the Project Management Tools.

Qualities of a Good Project Manager

Communication: The most important skill of a project manager is the ability to communicate with people/stakeholders at all levels.This is an extremely important quality as major portion of Project Manager’s time is devoted to communication.To be a good communicator, a project manager should be able to use the proper communication channels: EMails, Collaboration Tools, Team Meetings, Face-to-Face Meetings, Web and Online Conferencing.

Team Management: Managing the team in the right way using the right tools is another quality that a good project manager should possess. Your team members can have a lot of project experiences or none, either way, they will always look forward to you for your guidance on how to get the project done.

Leadership Skills: Project Manager should possess the ability to influence the project team, management team, and effectively collaborate with other support functions. For any project to be successful, team’s support is extremely crucial. Therefore, the project manager should also be a good coach, genuinely care for the team members and facilitate creating a conducive work environment so that they contribute their best to the project.

Positive Attitude: Who like the leaders who are negative? Negative thinking always brings us down. We want leaders with enthusiasm, with a bounce in their step, with a can-do attitude. Be a positive manager and spread positivity.

Prepare Realistic Plans: After considering all relevant information, the project manager should be able to set a proper plan. Most of the project deadlines get slipped due to incorrect estimation in the planning phase. Being able to organize and plan tasks in the right order to hit the right outcome at the right time is a major part of project management.

Technology Focused: Project manager should have a fair level of understanding of the technologies being used in projects. This may not be feasible in large projects where multiple complex technologies are used, but a basic understanding is required in order to appreciate the magnitude of work.

Negotiation: Project managers with good negotiation skills will be an asset to their teams as they seek to resolve conflicts by finding the win-win scenarios for everyone.

Multi-Tasker: There is a study which states that human brain is not made for multi-tasking. But under tight schedules, a project manager should be prepared to digest more than he can. That’s where knowing the right tools for managing multiple tasks can be of great help.

These are some of the best qualities which a successful project manager should possess. There can be much more which we might not have listed here. Do share with us if you think of some more qualities of a good project manager.


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